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This page should help you to understand the words Left

, Right, Top and Bottom that you can find in some instructions.


The top side of ProgArm is the one that has a real USB port. Both pictures on ProgArm 0.3 and ProgArm 0.2 pages are rotated clockwise for a better page layout, therefore the Top is located on the right side of these images.

When you put ProgArm on, the top side must be pointing into the same direction as if you pointed your finger at something.

Any ProgArm version has a USB port and a ring connector located on the Top side. These are unlikely to change, because this is the most convenient location for frequently used stuff when no [[Case?]] is used.


The bottom side has extra connectors for the less frequently used stuff, such as extra I²C and [[SPI?]] ports.

Left and Right

The location of these must be obvious. Left and Right sides have switches and buttons (it is not convenient to place switches on other sides).

Another side of the PCB

Since the other side has almost no components (only the [[Pulse_Sensor?]] which appeared in ProgArm 0.3), we rarely talk about it. Unfortunately, in some texts it might also be called Bottom. You can read about our decision not to use another side for the components on Design Decisions page.

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