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Space (Sx Sx)
Backspace (xS xS)

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This module implements one of the main features of the input system.

Space (Sx Sx) repeats previous action, like if you typed it again yourself. Usually this will not cause any side effects, although some modules might handle it differently.

Backspace (xS xS) repeats previous action "negatively". Result depends on the module implementing previous action. Some modules might treat it as "Undo", while others might simply call another action that is commonly used after the previous one.

It is best to understand it by example:

Usually you will know what it is supposed to do naturally. It might be hard to learn what every negative repeat does, but you will save a lot of time if you master it :)

If the module does not handle negative repeats, using Backspace (xS xS) will work like a regular repeat.