EditPerl Client on Maemo

The biggest problem is that Perl is too outdated (v5.8.3). You should install a newer version by using perlbrew.

Install perlbrew:

curl -k -L http://install.perlbrew.pl | bash

-k option is necessary, otherwise it will throw errors about https

Install perl:

perlbrew --notest v5.16

tests will run for two hours if you don't disable them. There are many failed tests, but it seems like perl is fully functional anyway.

Show installed versions:

perlbrew list

If everything went well, you will see perl-5.16.0

Switch to the newer version:

perlbrew switch perl-5.16.0

Install cpanm:

perlbrew install-cpanm

Install Device::SerialPort

cpanm --no-wget --verbose Device::SerialPort

Install Hook::LexWrap

cpanm --no-wget --verbose Hook::LexWrap

Sometimes you will have to provide full path to some binaries:

perlbrew is located at


cpanm is located at


perl v5.16 is located at


However, once you perlbrew switch to your new perl, you wont have to provide full paths.

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