EditPerl Client on Android

This way of running Perl Client is outdated. Please see Android Client

For now, installing Perl Client on android requires many steps. Hopefully, this process will get much simpler once perldroid update is released.


  1. Download and install SL4A
    File:apk sl4a.png
  2. Download and install perl-for-android
    File:apk perl.png
  3. Run Perl For Android application and press install
  4. Download !ProgArm client.
    File:perl client qrl.png
  5. Move ProgArm client into sl4a/scripts folder
  6. Download required perl modules. The reason for this step is described in Problems and Complications part of this page.
    File:perl modules.png
  7. Move perl_modules folder into sl4a
  8. Run SL4A application and execute android_launcher.pl

Problems and Complications

Some inept person forgot to put feature.pm into sl4a perl, therefore things like:

use v5.10;

will not work at all. Because of that, we must include feature.pm somewhere else.

Currently, perl_modules should include:

Once perldroid update is released, we will probably forget about feature.pm and File:: hacks.

How about native client written in java?

Native client is the easiest solution, but it fails short to satisfy our project Goals.


What about connecting droid phone to the device? Is it working over bluetooth as well?

-- Yuno 2014-08-23 12:54 UTC

Yes! Once you run android_launcher.pl, you will get a native popup menu to start a bluetooth connection.

-- AlexDaniel 2014-08-25 00:17 UTC

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