We are using Kicad for schematic and pcb development. You can find the source in our repository on GitHub.
Just open file with Kicad.
If you want to submit your contribution, please set up these filters before commiting to this repository:

git config --global filter.cleansch.clean "sed 's/^Date.*$/Date \"\"/'"
git config --global filter.cleanlib.clean "sed 's/^\(EESchema-LIBRARY Version [^ \\t]*\).*$/\1/'"
git config --global filter.cleanpcb.clean "sed 's/\(host pcbnew \"\)[^\"]*/\1/'"
git config --global filter.cleanpro.clean "sed 's/^\(update=\).*$/\1/'"


(TODO write about setting up a toolchain)

The easiest way is to use eclipse:

(TODO: perhaps there is no reason to set things up because the settings are already in the repo, clicking just Next-Next-Next should work)

Okay, now you have an empty project with a simple main.cpp. Now it's time to get ProgArm firmware sources:

(TODO write about build configurations, hex/bin files, SWD etc)


If you wrote an extension for Perl Client, feel free to add it to Perl Client Modules list. It would be nice if you made a pull request with your module, however you can simply paste it to this wiki if you are not familiar with git yet.

If you want to contribute some changes directly to the core, we will happily accept your pull request. See Perl Client Repo.

Creating your own client

Just create your own repository! You can find more information on Writing Clients. Don't forget to add it to Clients page.